Why Choose Bespoke Joinery Over Something Pre-made 

Why Choose Bespoke Joinery Over Something Pre-made 

We provide many different carpentry and joinery services to our clients in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. This ranges from sash windows to basic door hanging, as you will see on our website. However, our very favourite thing to work on is bespoke joinery.

We love being in the workshop and crafting something which to fit a client’s specific interior and desires. 

Not only does it force us to think, create ideas and try new things and – it also makes for an excellent end product, meaning a happy customer. So we both enjoy working on these projects and customers tend to be even happier with something that is custom. So it’s win-win!

Some people opt for Ikea and other cheap alternatives for their furniture. They think they’re saving a load of money by paying the lowest possible price. But they find themselves back in that Ikea maze before too long due to quality issues. Bespoke, sturdy joinery has an advantage over flat pack, pre-made joinery because it’s so much more lasting.

We can’t speak for other joiners, but we certainly ensure a strong and suitable wood per the furniture or objects uses. For example, something like a table which is likely to be bumped and banged, could be made from thick oak or another form of hardwood. 

After learning, working and experiencing the joinery and creative industry, let’s look at the reasons why I believe bespoke joinery is a much better investment than pre-made furniture. 


1. Own something truly unique

Value is created through scarcity. A major part of the allure of bespoke joinery in Cambridge is how you are getting something completely unique. No one else has this. As your home becomes more unique, it becomes more valuable, or at least easier to sell. Anyway, that’s looking forward to the future.

Right now you get to bask in the glory of your own home and enjoy your surroundings. These pieces of furniture etc. will also feel better if you specifically picked them for both practical and aesthetic reasons. You chose them because you like them. You didn’t HAVE to live with them like you do some things in a property you purchase. Pick out what you like and have something created and installed that suits your home lifestyle. 

Think about it. Perhaps you want a custom- created table to a certain height specification because you have bodily pains. We can do that. Perhaps you want an ergonomic chair that fan serve the same problems. We can do that. Maybe a hidden cupboard, or even a secret shelf. The power of choice is yours with a joiner as there is simply so much that we can do! 

Getting something pre-made to suit your body, home and still look great is a task in and of itself. But not for the skilled, experienced, bespoke joiner.


2. Price and quality

We are open to admit that our bespoke joinery in Cambridge costs more than shop bought items. While shops like Ikea focus on price as their priority, we prioritise quality. 

They cost less because they have perfected the art of making their furniture cost less. For example, materials, delivery and labour are all price optimised to the extreme. Again, this sacrifices quality and longevity of your joinery. 

This then translates to using your joinery in every day life. Pre-made pieces of furniture are often easily stained and disfigured, leaving you with an unsatisfactory product. Having something made to last avoids.

Also, if anything, happens to something authentic, it loses less intrinsic value. It still holds value through being unique and high quality – despite a chip. Whereas something from Ikea will look cheap, tacky and defeated. Everything we create is made to last and age with grace.

This means a really long-lasting product. It could honestly be decades and generations whereas there’s often not much hope for shop bought cheap materials and items.


3. Spacing issues

Often times, your rooms are not shaped as they should be. Perhaps there are strangely shaped alcoves or pockets of space that don’t make sense. This is your opportunity to fill the space with something worthwhile. Again, something pre-made is not really going to cut it here.

A bespoke piece of joinery, however, CAN fit into these gaps and make them useful. An example could be a loft conversion whereby flooring, doors, stairs, cupboards and wardrobes need to be made from scratch, to measurement. Another example could be a home office where you want to upgrade and change the feel of a room. Again, in a bespoke and custom way.


4. Protecting you after

After completing the project, we will be getting back in touch to make sure everything is how it should be. You buy a relationship in as much as you buy the carpentry of joinery. If you have any issues moving forward we can help you out.

Now we will concede there is a time and a place for pre-packed doors, chairs, cupboards and wardrobes. Yes, even things like kitchens, UPVC windows, ornaments and decorative items have their time. The main reason is price.

Sometimes you just don’t have the cash required to hire a joiner to create something more substantial, meaningful and lasting for you. Perhaps your cash flow is low, you expect to afford such items in the future, but not now.

You will be paying less, but you need to consider the cost of paying twice. Maybe you can simply live without this item you are going to purchase for now? Maybe it’s worth waiting and paying what you think is best to get anyway.

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