The Top 5 Qualities of a Great Joiner

The Top 5 Qualities of a Great Joiner

Today, after many years in the trade, we wanted to write about what makes a great joiner. We believe we have achieved this feet after completing so many projects successfully with virtually no qualms, ever. This does not mean it was an easy ride or that we never encountered a problem. On the contrary, we joiners in Cambridge face problems every day that have to be overcome. But that’s exactly it. It’s about how you deal with and manage these problems which define your career.

So let’s get straight into it. These are the qualities we feel we bring to work every day. Let us know what you think!


1. Workmanship

Without an excellent product, you are nothing as a joiner. You could have the other four boxes ticked but without the final great product, it doesn’t matter. You would conceivably sacrifice all four of the other numbers just for the sake of this one. People will put up with an idiot if it means getting the best bespoke cupboard for their home. Luckily we combine the others as well as great workmanship.

But yes, we wanted to put this top because this is where we excel. We have always loved being in the workshop, which means excellence is produced for every single job. With a skilled eye, great hand coordination and a keen interest in our trade, we truly produce great work each day. Simply go through some of our pictures to verify this. You can also see our Facebook reviews (where we have the most reviews) to see all of the positive feedback.

The projects we like working on most are where we can create something beautiful for a home in and around Cambridgeshire. Whether this is Cambridge itself or any of the other areas. For example, our home town Soham, Ely which is nearby and Newmarket too.

Our most popular services are bespoke cupboards, bespoke wardrobes and other household items and storage spaces round the house. We also specialise in sash window repair and restoration. This includes draught proofing and sash-cord repair. We love delivering these joinery services and feel we are always improving despite the already high standard!


2. Attention to detail

This ties in with our last point. You need attention to detail to make it in this trade. You can’t cut corners. Everything has to be done to a high standard, measured out accurately and using the best tools and materials.

A lack of attention to detail shows quickly, usually in someone’s character before their work. You might see it from just about anything they do with a lack of attention to detail. It might be the way they first communicate to you. Perhaps they send an email which is ugly and has weird spacing. Cracks often lead to massive holes later on. It’s good to be able to spot these kinds of traits in people you are going to hire for a job. But sure, some people are just like that with things like emails, so that’s why reviews, case studies and proof of work help a lot.


3. Problem solving skills

This is a really important one. Like we said at the top, you encounter problems in this trade and its about overcoming them, not avoiding them. Being a tradesman is constant problem solving, just like most business. If the homeowner could create a wonderful, bespoke, full sized cupboard for their living room… Then they wouldn’t call us. So you should get into this business knowing there will be constant problems to overcome.

This also just goes for your tasks as a joiner. You need to figure out how you can make what your client wants into a reality. Can you create bespoke solutions to their requirements and make it work aesthetically and practically? Can you identify the route of problems and how to fix them? Can you work quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high standard? These are all important concepts to grasp as an excellent joiner.


4. Customer service

This is a people facing business. You are dealing with people and the requests they have. This means you’re in their home, their space and trying to get it right for how they want it. We believe we are good at that. Also, you need good communication skills. People need to know clearly how much things cost, the timescale, when you’re showing up and when you aren’t. You can’t be a knucklehead and be an effective tradesman. It takes constant discipline to stay on top of everything and keep your customers in the know.

Also, just be a good person. Enter homes with a smile, be someone people want to be around, that goes a long way. No one will recommend you if you are a pain in someones property. That is their get away spot where no one should be bothering them. Don’t let that person be you!


5. Attitude

Number five is attitude and this ties in with the previous point. Have a great attitude. It doesn’t cost a thing but it will help you to help a lot of people in your life. It goes such a long way. Be understanding of people’s situations and problems. Get to know what they really want and are looking for.

Be timely, don’t mess with other people’s time. After all, that is our most important asset that we have and you can’t get it back. Work hard. Don’t be a slob and sit around all day. You’re there to do a job so always go to get it done! Finally, always be honest. If something HAS gone wrong, admit fault (whether it’s small and you admit fault to yourself or something you have to let the client know) and get it sorted. There’s nothing worse than a dishonest liar and you will always get caught out in the end.

So that’s it! That’s our list of what makes a great joiner. We believe we excel in all of these points after perfecting our trade over the years. So for any joinery, carpentry or sash window quotes – give us a call and we can help you out!


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