Parts of a sash window to fit an architrave

Bespoke Joinery

This is our main service. We can offer any kind of custom-built joinery… Whatever you want!


To give you some ideas, these are the kinds of things we are producing on a regular basis: any kind of furniture, tables and chairs. Decorative display cases, book shelfs and bespoke storage. Cupboards and wardrobes. Unique windows and doors. Practical sheds, Summer houses and decking for the garden. Different styles of flooring. Staircases. Commemorative and celebratory plaques. Beds… And more!

Bespoke winder staircase made and fitted on site


Our staircase service includes manufacturing, installation and repairs.


This means that we can create any kind of wooden staircase you envision. Our carpentry and joinery workshop is well equipped to take on plenty of demand.


You might want to consider calling for a repair if you are experiencing any of these problems: obvious structural damage, water damage, detached handrails, loosened tread, major aesthetic changes etc. – Our repairs are competitive and have lasting results!

A sliding sash window after repair


Although most of our window work is double hung, sliding sash windows, we still create, repair and install wooden casement windows.


Many properties in this area use casement windows. A casement window is simply a window which opens outward, rather than sliding up like a sash, which uses pulleys and cords for its functionality.


We can create bespoke timber windows, make any repairs and totally overhaul it so they’re like brand new all over again.

A fire door we installed for a resident in Little Downham


We create and fit internal and external doors to any specification. Choose normal or bespoke sizing. Choose between a contemporary, modern, period or custom style.


We can make all doors: front doors, garage doors, fire doors, single doors and more. All doors are high quality, suit latest safety fire regulations, made to last decades and look excellent.


Although we are The Cambridge Joiner, we still provide carpentry services in Soham, Ely, Newmarket & Cambridge! Also areas between, like Isleham, Wicken, Burwell and the rest!

Bespoke storage for a business in Newmarket

Bespoke Storage

Look through our portfolio page and you will see all sorts of bespoke storage we’ve crafted over the years. Check it out and see if it sparks any inspiration…


You can achieve amazing results for your home or office with made-to-measure, customised joinery solutions from our skilled team! We have been helping home and business owners with practical, aesthetic storage for years now.


Whether you need a wardrobe, cupboard or any other kind of storage solution, we can make something brilliant for you.

A timber flooring we lay in Lakenheath


We can offer any kind of wooden flooring for your business or home.


Creation is the first step. Making excellent flooring that looks great and is made to last. Then we can install the flooring seamlessly to upgrade your property.


You can also call us for any repairs or subsequent maintenance required. We provide every kind of flooring service!


Get in touch with your ideas!

A kitchen we created and installed in Burwell


Having our own workshop gives us free reign to create any kind of kitchen joinery. Pick out any kind of style, materials and finish – we will be able to make it.


If you want something totally unique, we can take care of everything from the flooring you stand on, the tables you sit on, the kitchen cupboards you use and any other part of the kitchen. How about a beautiful wooden hanging rack to hang your colanders and pans from.


A before and after image showing landscape work we provided

Home Renovations

Want to upgrade your home? Joinery and carpentry services can make your home look a whole lot better, quickly. Perhaps you want a brand new fence around your property. An old, defeated fence is going to bring your whole property down. Wood holds a charm that modern materials like plastics can’t emulate.


We can create or repair anything in your home to upgrade the look, aesthetics and value of your home!

Custom wooden decking for a back garden in Littleport


We create and fit any kind of hard and softwood decking. Depending on whether you are installing it in a garden, roof top or terrace, we can use the most suitable materials for your budget, surroundings and aims.


Decking, like most wooden parts of a property, gives a nice, warm natural feel. If you don’t know what to do, give us a call and we can give you advice on what will suit your preferences.

A bespoke fencing project in Cambridge


Our skills extend to fencing and we can make any kind of wooden fencing you need. We generally stay away from metal and security fencing, but anything made from wood – we can absolutely help you.


We always use attractive, weather resistant materials. Choose from a wide range of materials, styles and prices to suit your preference. Get in contact and we can show you the different fence panels you can choose from! If desired, we can add trellises or any other decorative elements, like fence caps.

Completed sash window renovation

Sash Windows Restorations

Sash window repairs, renovations and replacements are part of our core services. Most of our sash work comes through referral after doing consistent work in Cambridgeshire over the years. When people post in a local Facebook group looking for a sash windows tradesman, our name is always tagged multiple times! Check out our sash windows page to see our projects.


We can do everything your windows require to get them back into pristine condition – be it sash cord repair, repairing the glazing, draught proofing or just a total overhaul.

Beautiful white wardrobes made from hand in Isleham


Choose any kind of wardrobe for any room in your home or place of work. Go for a classic, Victorian style, or a modern alternative. Maybe you want a wardrobe built into an alcove, or with custom a door, or with an LED light installed within…


The options are endless! Look through our portfolio page to see some of the bespoke wardrobes we have made over the years. Everything is created with a focus on looking amazing and lasting for decades!

Picture of studding

1st and 2nd Fix Carpentry

First fix carpentry refers to the first works required on a project. This often includes things like studding walls, roofing struts, framing, joists and so on.


Secondary fixes refer to the finish of something. Finishes are usually applied after the plastering work is completed. Examples could be: skirting, architraves to door linings, staircase components, mouldings and more.