Sash Windows

Here at The Cambridge Joiner Ltd we are uniquely experienced with traditional sash and casement windows. A lot of houses in the Cambridgeshire area are now within ‘conservation areas’. Conservation areas exist to manage and protect the special architectural and historic interest of a place – in other words, the features that make it unique like sash windows, for example. However they are not the most energy efficient of windows and in a world where efficiency is of the upmost importance, improving the efficiency of traditional windows is key. We offer a variety of services catered for traditional windows including:


  • Restoration – bringing the windows back to life.
  • Draught-proofing – reducing the draught by up to 85%.
  • Double glazing – incorporating slim, double-glazed units into the original sash windows to improve the thermal efficiency.
  • Sash replacements – bespoke sashes made to match in our workshop fitted into the original frames.
  • Full replacement – full sliding box sash windows made to measure in our workshop and fitted!


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