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Hi, thank you for visiting our page! The Cambridge Joiner is a small joinery firm operating and serving Cambridge and across Cambridgeshire.

It’s a strange time right now in 2020. But we have hit the ground running as we adjust to this new COVID world. We are extremely busy for the rest of the year, but have taken on a new team member to deal with the demand. As long as social distancing can be maintained, we are doing quotes all over Cambridge right now.

It’s good to get an extra tradesman on board. We have had loads of orders and recommendations (thanks to the local Soham Facebook page!) especially with the backlog built up during lockdown.

Here are some bespoke casement windows we’ve been working on recently!

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We can create anything you want for your home! Happy to give you ideas or pointers on any concepts you’re looking at, too.


Why we love working in Cambridge
Cambridge is an amazing place to be as a joiner. A high profile location like Cambridge draws high profile buildings, ideas and people. There’s a great choice of projects to work on round here. One week we will be restoring amazing 50 year old wooden sash windows, the next we will be working on a custom butchers block kitchen piece. Being able to have such diverse clients and projects is a privilege.


Although there are great areas in the Midlands and up North – nothing tops the South. Cambridge in particular has its own feel. It’s a unique place and some homes have been there for centuries. Although London is probably the hotbed of historic buildings, Cambridge, only 55 miles (89km) north, boasts its own unique personality. This city is a brand. If you are abroad and you mention Cambridge, people’s ears prick up.
Usually they mention Cambridge University. Everybody knows about it. It’s probably one of the most famous Universities in the world, alongside Oxford. That just goes to show the notoriety of Cambridge. Most non-European foreigners wouldn’t know much about other cities in England, but they always know London and Cambridge! This University City is filled to the brim with character and that’s just a perfect example of it.


One only has to look at King’s College Chapel to realise… Some of the buildings in the city centre look like the belong at Hogwarts! It’s not uncommon to be working in buildings nearby places like the College Chapel. These buildings need repairs – and a local tradesman is going to have to do it! Even if you aren’t asked to work on a repair project in a place that great – there are loads of other projects to get involved with. It could be at another historic University building or at a commercial building nearby that has also seen a lot in its time.


Even if we are working at someones home it’s a pleasure. It doesn’t have to be a commercial project to be a good project. In fact, working to improve someone’s home is probably our favourite kind of project. Sure, a business needs a joiner to create a table or some custom chairs – but it’s never the same as making someone’s home better. People leave the office eventually. But people retreat and relax in their home. Helping people to enjoy it is great!
And we I mentioned, the locals are happy to invest into their home and make it a better place. There’s no doubt that bespoke joinery is a way of doing that. You can create class with just a simple touch in each room.


Our services

Here are our main services. If you are interested in discussing any of them for your home or business, let us know and we can discuss your ideas over the phone or in person.

Bespoke joinery – The heart of what we do is bespoke joinery. Most every job is slightly different. If you want one size fits all, you go to Ikea. We are more about creating something unique to your home or office lifestyle. Perhaps you need a particular fit, you want a particular look or you want to achieve a particular feel. This is often only achieved by taking a completely unique approach to your problem.

Staircases – There are many history staircases in Cambridge that we have either seen, created or repaired. Staircases are a lovely way of enhancing your home. Staircases aren’t usually in a main room in the house, like a kitchen or the living room. However, they help your home by lifting the journey from one part of the house to the other. This sounds like a cop out, but it’s absolutely true. There’s a reason expensive houses have grand staircases. Because they’re grand! Anyway, your staircase doesn’t have to be grand in order to be great. Even a well designed, nicely kept staircase can take your home to the next level. We can create fix, repair, renovate, maintain – anything you like.

Storage – Storage is necessary for every room. Make your storage standout. Have something fitted to your room to match the mood you’re trying to achieve with that room. Call us to tell us your ideas!

Doors – Doors are like staircases. It’s the small things that make the difference. Good looking robust doors are a necessity to any lovely home.

Flooring – We lay and repair all types of wooden flooring.

Windows – We create, repair and restore wooden sash windows.

Carpentry – Anything you deem to be carpentry project, any sort of woodworking project, we can be of assistance.


That’s it for now from us. Hopefully you found this useful and if you need a hand with any joiner related services, we can help you!


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