How To Build A Bespoke Timber Bed

How To Build A Bespoke Timber Bed

Our joinery business offers plenty of different bespoke furniture services, like custom wardrobes, home office furniture, unique cupboards. However, today we want to talk about the bespoke custom beds we have made in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. 

Each bed we form for our customers has a unique style, but generally follows the same creation process using eco friendly joinery products and practises. We always want to provide the best product and service possible. Through using a streamlined, tried and tested, experienced process – we achieve this. 


Design stage 

The first stage is in planning and preparing to make the project a success. Like most trade services, we will have a chat with you to see what your requirements are. Depending on what you need, will change the specs for the bed.

For example, will the bed be used every day? How large should the bed be? What do you want the bed to look like? How much do you want to spend on your bed? Is it for guests only in a spare room? Do you have a particular style in mind? What’s the theme of the room?

Once the actual style of the bed has been decided, we can measure up the space being used. This will then show us what we are working with and the materials to be bought. 

Again, the beauty of working with a joiner is that all of these factors can be taken into consideration. Whereas when you buy something pre-made, you simply have to try and make it work…. somehow. There’s no choice, there’s no options, you just get what you’re given, mostly.

Anyway, from here, we can send you a quote to complete the project. Sometimes quotations include projections of how we expect the final product to look. If you really want to see something, we can put it together for you so you can visualise having the bed and how it will be in your home.

Lastly, we will discuss timings and when you would ideally like the project to be completed. Maybe you need the bed quickly because you have a new rental property you want to fill. We can meet all time expectations for any of our products: beds, wardrobes, cupboards, anything! Or, like most clients, you might be happy to wait until we are ready to start the next project. 

… Then the materials can be delivered and everything can be made within the timescale agreed. 


Using the best materials

The bulk of a bed uses fairly common materials. Timber. Steel etc. 

If you want anything particularly different, something special, that’s no problem. We have suppliers that enable us to make anything! Should anything exotic, rare or valuable be ordered, we can likely start sooner on the wood and other aspects of your bed. If there is a delay acquiring these extra materials, we’ll let you know beforehand to avoid any confusion or unexpected time delays. But any style, size, design or colour can be achieved.


Constructing the bed 

Actually creating the bed is the fun part for us. We get to spend time in the workshop forming your bed into something beautiful and useful.  

Making the bed will largely be different each time depending on requirements of the structure. Obviously a bunk bed will follow a different process to a small single bed. 

A general guideline is first we will prepare the wood. This means creating the support of the bed, the legs, the stability of the bed. You might need four of these, you might need eight. Only sturdy wood is used for the legs as it will need to support the weight of people being on it.  

Then we move onto the framing of the bed. This is the part underneath the bed which supports the mattress. There are plenty of ways to do this. Individual slats, whole frames and so on. The headboard can also be made at this juncture. Add any extras in, like shelving  or a fancy design to make it standout. 

Add posts at this point too, with their supports.  Finally ready to have that 4 poster bed you’ve always dreamt of?! 

Anyway, next is any storage you would like to create. This could be bespoke drawers at the bottom of your bed, perhaps an Ottoman frame and any other whacky and wonderful ideas you have. 

The last part is to apply finishing touches. This means patterning, decorations and styling. You might want a pattern weaved into the wood, you might want nice curtains for a poster bed or even a cushioned headboard finish. There are lots of things to choose from and we can plan all this out in the initial stages. 



Completion needs to be considered. Does it make more sense for us to create the bed at our workshop and install it, or to create it at your property?

Generally, we will only construct the bed at your property if we are dealing with doorways that are too narrow to get the bed through. 

We may have to construct on site if the bed is not suitable to deliver as one piece. Another reason is when your bed needs to be built into an alcove in a loft conversion, for example when walls stick out due to support beams. In this instance, we can create the main support of your bed, carve any patterning and decorate external faces and do as much of the joinery we possible. Then when on site, we can put together all parts within a few hours. We’ll make sure to let you know if this will be part of the process before starting. 

However, if there is ample space, we can get the work done without being in your space and make a quick delivery. 


Making sure you’re happy! 

The next most important part is making sure you are happy with your bed. 

We will be in touch within the next few weeks to ensure everything is as expected. Although the large majority of our clients are happy with any bespoke joinery or carpentry we produce for them, we encourage you to let us know of any adaptations you think it needs. We would be happy to alter anything so it is more suited to your needs. 

So if you have been thinking about getting a bed created, let us know! That goes for any other projects for that matter. We would be more than happy to have a chat with you about how we can help and create something incredible for your home! 

Covid-19 is the latest problem in Cambridge and we’re all spending more time indoors! So it could be a good time to upgrade the interior and exterior of your property. 

We are out of action for a few weeks as we wait for the virus situation to blow over. We are happy to discuss any beds, projects or anything else you have in mind though. Bookings are still coming in for later in the year  and we have slots available to work on projects you have in mind! 

Thanks for reading. 


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