Being an Eco-Friendly Joiner

Being an Eco-Friendly Joiner

The world is becoming more environment conscious as information is more and more wide spread. Certainly, we want to do our part in being more environmentally friendly while on this planet. We love using renewable and recyclable materials in the homes we operate in. It’s the responsibility of any Cambridge joiner to do their part for the environment! 

Combining any kind of joinery, carpentry or builds with both structural and aesthetic integrity with eco-friendly features on top is a win win. What’s even more beneficial is that renewable materials are actually cheaper for both us to purchase and for you to have for your home.

You recoup your money after a few years and we pay less upfront for the materials, so it works out in every way. There’s no need to abuse materials that the environment doesn’t mesh with. That hurts us all in the long run. 

Let’s have a look at some materials we utilise which are not the common cheap building materials most firms use. For the DIY joiners and carpenters out there, you will want to pay attention too!


Recycled steel

One such material that eco-friendly construction firms use is recycled steel. Although the majority of our work is ornate, beautiful wooden joinery… We are sometimes involved in bigger projects. Steel beams and other metals are useful when working on structural changes. Timber is great for a lot of uses, even structural, but metal makes sense too on occasion. Again, especially if it has been recycled for a second use. 

The other reason you would want to use steel instead of wood for structural changes is because you need less of it. Steel is stronger therefore we will need less of it to form a strong and stable structure. You could pay less, as well as the benefits of using recycled material, due to less material being used. 

Take the example of creating a house. For a 2,000 sq ft house, you would need to use 40-50 trees to form the structure of it. 

However, you could achieve the same result with 6 recycled cars. This sparks a whole other debate in that wood is a natural material anyway and wasn’t created in a massive polluting factory… Still, multi-use is multi-use. Steel is also very strong and would stand up well to the elements. 

Again, we generally don’t build whole houses as we are a small  joinery firm, but we are involved in smaller construction and you see our point. Customers like options! We have plenty of them for all different wants and needs. 


Insulated concrete 

Another trick is to use insulated concrete. Most don’t use this strategy. To do this, place concrete as insulation between walls and insulation. Check out some YouTube tutorials to see if you want to use this approach. The benefits are that you don’t need to think about the concrete as nothing will happen to it, and you also get the energy-loss reduction benefits. 


Cool roofing

We participate in a bit of roofing. A great energy efficient roof type is ‘cool roofing’. Cool roofs reflect the heat from the sun and helps your interior to stay cooler. At the same time, you won’t get colder in the winter when there is no sun.

An alternative way to achieving this is to use darker coloured squares on your roof to try and reflect the sun light. The only negative of cool roofing is that it costs more per square foot, as much as £50 more. Still, it’s just another option and this fits some customer desires, so we can use it if desired. 


Wood and plastic

Like recycled metal, you can do the same with plastic and wood. Recycling has gotten massive these days for plastic, so there’s a lot of that going round. Generally, recycled wood is stronger and can stand up to the elements for longer. It also has the benefit of being more resistant to mould and fungal growth.

Unfortunately, recycled wood in particular can be costly due to the state of the industry. Plastic can be used for various things within the joinery world, so we make use of recycled plastic wherever suitable.  

So there we have it. Some alternatives and eco friendly options. Any customers that would like to consider more environmentally friendly alternatives – just let us know when you get in touch! 

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