5 Reasons To Have Bespoke Cabinets in Your Home

5 Reasons To Have Bespoke Cabinets in Your Home

Cabinets are the primary storage in every household. Their size, shape, material, and placement can have a huge effect on how you perceive the space, and organising each of room of your home. Having them custom made might seem overly-extravagant, but there are some considerable positives to getting bespoke cabinets for your home. Here are five reasons why you should get bespoke cabinets. As experienced joiners in Newmarket Cambridge, Ely and Soham – we can also help you in creating wonderfully bespoke cabinets for your home too. We have glowing reviews from the local area! 


1. Design Control

As a homeowner you know the kind of style that you want to create for your home. Getting handmade cabinets will allow you to explore various cabinets’ styles and sizes to pick the right kind for each room. With a professional’s help you can create that look to perfection, and ensure that the right style of cabinet matches whichever room it is in, whether it be kitchen, bathroom, or conservatory.


2. Unique Pieces

Bespoke cabinets are made according to the customer’s specifications, which means any pieces you design, are completely yours, and likely to be one of a kind. They are made to fit your home perfectly and nobody else’s.  The exclusive nature of bespoke cabinets speaks to designers as well as homeowners, and gives your home that splash of individuality that so many homes lack.

3. Avoid the Choice Trap

The number of ready-made cabinets on that market are endless – they all come in different shapes and sizes. It can be easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed when trying to make the decision of what to fill your home with. With custom made cabinets you avoid having to wade through the sea of designs to find the right one that you want, and you can have your requirements fulfilled far more easily than finding the imperfect item on the open market.

4. One-time Investment

Getting bespoke cabinets might not be very cost-effective in the short-term, but the quality of the final result can offset that tenfold and ensure a good long-term investment. Bespoke cabinets will be built to last… Their excellent quality and the craftsmanship that goes into making bespoke cabinets ensures that you’ll never have to spend time repairing or replacing them like you might do a ready-made item.


5. Efficient Use of Space

Efficient space management is just as important as ensuring you actually have the storage in your home, and can have a dramatic effect on making your room seem larger. If your cabinets are too big or small, they can cause huge inconvenience, even more so if you end up having to call somebody to come and resolve the issue! With a bespoke joinery you won’t have any such issues as we will come and take all the required measurements to ensure that everything fits as tightly as it should. In the unlikely event that there is anything wrong, the carpenter will have experience in the making of the cabinets and so will be able to adjust the dimensions of the cabinet much more easily than anyone else.

There are many benefits to having your cabinets tailor-made and they can make the vision you have for your home a reality. If you have a project or idea in mind, feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to have a chat. Afterwards we can arrange a site visit to assess the feasibility of your vision with regards to your space.


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